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About Kush Groove

About The Kush Groove Shop


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The Kush Groove Shop is the flagship retail location for the Kush Groove brand, founded in 2011. The Kush Groove Shop opened it’s doors in July of 2015, in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Roxbury, MA.

When the Kush Groove brand was first launched in 2011, Boston, Massachusetts wasn’t recognized as a destination for cannabis culture and lifestyle on the scale of other west coast cities who share some of the same demographic profile and cultural connection to cannabis culture as Bostonians. Today, with Boston as the first major east coast city with legalized adult use of recreational cannabis, The Kush Groove Shop, in Mission Hill, Roxbury is Boston’s #1 boutique destination for cannabis accessories, in-store events, parties, Kush Groove apparel and much more.

The Kush Groove Shop Carries:

  • Kush Groove Apparel: As Boston’s #1 cannabis streetwear brand, we offer Kush Groove designed men’s & women streetwear apparel. Our apparel line includes men’s & women’s t-shirts, beanies, tank tops, long sleeves & thermals, snapbacks, hoody’s, jackets, and much much more.


Kush Groove Kush Citgo Dad Cap Hat

  • Rolling Papers: With one of the largest RAW selections in Boston, we carry RAW organic & regular rolling papers. RAW cones, RAW rolling tips, RAW rolling mat, RAW small cones and large cones and more. We also carry Randy’s, Bambu, Juicy Jay’s, Elements, OCB’s, Zig-Zags, EZ Widers, and much more.


  • Hooka & Shisha: The only retailer in Mission Hill Roxbury selling flavored shisha and hooka accessories, we carry an exclusive inventory of Fumari, Al-Fahker and Starbuzz shisha products in different sizes. Stop in today to see our varied selection.


  • Blunts: We’re an exclusive retailer of Backwoods blunts/cigars, Swisher Sweets, Fronto, 1882, Game blunts (Blue, Red, Mango, Black, White Grape, etc.), Garcia Vega blunts, Dutch Master cigarillos (Chocolate, Vanilla, Natural Palma, etc.)


  • Glass Pipes & Bongs: At the Kush Groove Shop, we carry a wide range of glass pipes, bongs, nails, bowls, chillums, one-hitters and much more at affordable prices. From glass collectables to your basic glass bowls, we have it in stock.


  • Vaporizers: We carry the following vape pens: Kangertech, Smok, Pax, Dr. Dabber, Kandypen, Puffco, Summit, Volcano, Ardent Lift Decarboxylator, Atmos Jump, Gpen, QuickDraw, Cloud Pen, This Thing Rips & more.


  • E-juice: As one of the only suppliers of flavored e-juice in Boston, we carry the following brands of e-juice: Cuttwood e-juice, Cosmic Fog e-juice, Kilo e-juice, Beard Vape Company e-juice, Ice Cream Man e-juice, Lost Art e-juice, Naked e-juice, Space Jam e-juice, Drip Company e-juice…


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…and so much more.

At the Kush Groove Shop, we treat all of our customers like family. Once you walk in, you’re welcomed with open arms. We maintain a chill, relaxed environment and we welcome all adults, 21+ and over.


About The Kush Groove Brand

boston smoke shop kush groove shop

Founded by Mike Pires & Marcus Johnson-Smith, the Kush Groove brand was established in 2011 as an expression brand for city stoners. City streets, all over the world, have seen the growth of the new age urban hippie—young, fresh, and dynamic. The Kush Groove brand is a blend of style and culture, expressed through an urban fashion savvy. At our core, we produce high-quality lifestyle products inspired by the four-twenty friendly movement.

The Brand: So what’s with the turtle?

The Kush Groove turtle symbolizes much of how we live and what we strive towards—longevity and wisdom. In contrast to the fast-paced city life, the city stoner appreciates each detail, ponders each word and analyzes each event. This straddling between the fast-paced and a life of leisure is where we reside. The turtle, wise, contemplative and calculating is the perfect symbol for our brand.

 After all, slow and steady wins the race.