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How to Start a Cannabis Business

How to Start a Six Figure Cannabis Business Without Selling Any Weed

By Marcus Johnson-Smith

Looking to start, launch, make or invest in a cannabis business? Are you one who see’s cannabis not as just a plant but you see cannabis for business? Well now is a good time to get involved. As of March 2017, 32 states in the United States of America have recreational cannabis laws or medical cannabis programs allowing adults to access cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes. More than 1/2 of 240 Million U.S. adults have access to cannabis programs that allow for the purchase and consumption of legal cannabis. With demand (and access) for cannabis related products at an all time high (infused products with cannabis, cannabis delivery devices, cannabis delivery services), existing and aspiring entrepreneurs like you are eager to get a slice of a multi-billion dollar cash pie.

legalized-cannbis-states-united-states-clearwater-branding Cannabis business for sale Washington, California, San Diego, Oregon, Colorado. Best place to launch a successful cannabis business with (or without) selling weed.

Wondering how to get into the cannabis industry? That’s a great question to ask and there’s a few answers to it. Cannabis laws are different in each state. Meaning some states have medical cannabis programs, some have reduced laws for possession and other states have recreational cannabis laws allowing adults to legally consume and purchase cannabis from commercial establishments. Some have all three. So depending on what state you want to do business in, you’ll want to consider whether or not you want sell and distribute cannabis itself or create products and services that support the growing industry.

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Back to what it takes to get into the cannabis industry. After determining what state you want to do business in, likely based on where you live,  the baseline for getting into the cannabis industry really comes down to desire: your desire to innovate, produce and add value to an emerging new industry. You can find a cannabis business for sale in states like Washington, Colorado, California and Oregon. Or you can start, launch, create or invest in an existing cannabis business. Sure, the idea of creating and selling cannabis products and services sounds attractive. Just the thought of it sounds better than your average 9 to 5 job, doesn’t it? However attractive it looks, this is a wild-wild-west industry! It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s also extremely unpredictable, compared to other legacy industries.

Although the focus of this piece is to educate readers about how to create a cannabis business, the singular focus here is creating a thriving, six-figure cannabis business without selling weed. That’s where my expertise lies. Below, I’ve outlined a series of insights to help you think through creating a business in the cannabis industry, without cultivating, distributing or selling cannabis or cannabis infused products. Grab your bud, take a read and hopefully you’ll become inspired to get started on your cannabis business today.

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